How To Be a YouTuber and Get Paid

How To Be a YouTuber and Get Paid

This is a very common question How To Be a YouTuber and Get Paid but in this article we are going to talk about 5 Ways that How To Be a YouTuber and Get Paid. YouTube is a video making platform there peoples create a channel and make video and upload on there channel. And you pay money them for that. So YouTube is a good platform there you can earn money online without investment.

How To Be a YouTuber and Get Paid

YouTube partner Program.

So first option is YouTube partner program. You can earn money online on every single view if you are in the YouTube Partner Program. If your YouTube channel is monetized or in YPP, then you can earn money online for every video view. In this program YouTube will put ads on your videos and give you 655% of the total revenue generated by the ads on your channel. Means here you can earn a passive income but To be eligible for YPP. How To Be a YouTuber and Get Paid

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But if you want to join YouTube Partner program then there is some criteria. You should have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time on your YouTube Channel in last 1 year. We all know that it is not easy for a new youtuber to get views. But with the help of YouTube shorts videos, you can reach this target very easily. How To Be a YouTuber and Get Paid. The reason is that many famous YouTubers are not working on shorts because of their huge traffic on there long videos and. So there is a chance for you to dive into shorts video platform and complete you subscribers.

YouTube Short Funds

YouTube Short Fund is another best option to earn money online form YouTube. YouTube announced $100 Million short fund for YouTube shorts creator who are making something amazing in a short videos. This is good news for those short creators who have less time and want to earn money online in a short time. But 100$ Million is for those creators who are eligible. So how you can eligible for YouTube shorts fund, so These are some rules to eligible YouTube Shorts creators:

  • YouTube short creators who have at least 1 eligible YouTube Short video in the last 6 months.
  • Shorts Creator should follow all YouTube’s Community Guidelines, copyright rules, & monetization policies.
  • So Those shorts creators are not eligible, who upload YouTube shorts videos with watermarks of other platforms, like tiktok, snack video, like and all other social platforms.
  • The age of YouTube creators should be minimum more then 13 years.
  • Age creators 13 to18 years must have a parent or guardian who accepts terms and conditions and sets up an AdSense account for payment.

Earn Money Online Through Paid Promotions.

If you have enough Subscribes and views on your YouTube channel then you can also earn with paid promotions. YouTuber also earn very good amount from paid promotions in fact then YPP. Many companies according to your channel contact you for their product promotions. They offer you make a video about their product and upload on your YouTube channel and get money. How To Be a YouTuber and Get Paid

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YouTube Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the best way to earn money online by doing nothing, just suggest others and earning money. You can earn money online by doing affiliate marketing with the help of YouTube video. There are too many websites that allow affiliate marketing to their users. All top E-Commerce websites and other websites are offering this feature like Amazon, Ali Baba, Shopify, eBay, ShareASale, Studio Press, Click bank, and many others are on the top list. How To Be a YouTuber and Get Paid

Website With YouTube Traffic.

You can earn money also with your website. If you have enough traffic on your YouTube channel then this is very to send your traffic on your website. You can send all you YouTube traffic on your website and generate a passive income. There are many ways that how you can send YouTube traffic on website. Use them and send peoples on your website. There is an amazing thing that website AdSense provide you much money then YouTube. So this method is very profitable for you.

I hope you learn that how to earn money online 2022 through YouTube. If you and any quarry you can ask me on Instagram.

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